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Clinical Manager Ambulatory

2700 Prosperity 617229 Full Time 2700 Prosperity Avenue, Fairfax, VA, 22031, US

Job Description

As a Clinical Manager Ambulatory, you will actively participate in clinical performance improvement activities. To help achieve our mission, you will utilize standards, guidelines, policies, procedures and clinical pathways for delivery of care. Your ability to work collaboratively and maintain active communication with physicians, nurses and other members of the interdisciplinary care team to effect timely and appropriate patient management is required. Collaborating and communicating with interdisciplinary team in all phases of clinical operations, direct patient care, patient education and care coordination is of vital importance. Managing, supervising and facilitating the development of staff while overseeing the day to day tasks/activities in the department is expected.

Job Responsibilities
  • Participates in monthly reporting of trends and outcomes that identify patient/client populations at program meetings and management operational meetings.
  • Analyzes patient outcomes and program trends through an inter-disciplinary approach.
  • Supervises the contact of families, physicians or other healthcare team members in anticipation of specials needs of the patients or families, in a timely manner, to facilitate effective treatment plans as evidenced by observation, chart review and team feedback.
  • Develops and implements educational materials and methods in support of team member abilities to document appropriately to the patients' level of understanding and motivation, as evidenced by chart review, observation and team feedback.
  • Audits staff demonstrations of patient/family/caregiver education and training as evidenced by observation and documentation.
  • Demonstrates collaboration in communication with team members and is open to feedback and receptive to change. Provides appropriate instruction and supervision to personnel consistent with program and regulatory requirements.
  • Utilizes advanced conflict resolution skills, as necessary, to ensure timely resolution of issues. Works collaboratively and maintains active communication with physicians, nursing, therapy and other members of the interdisciplinary team to effect timely and appropriate patient management. Manages, supervises and facilitates the development of staff and oversees the day to day tasks/activities in the department.
  • Participates in the interviewing/hiring process by reviewing job profiles, candidate applications and resumes, developing behavioral interview questions, conducting and evaluating interviews in a timely fashion and providing feedback/recommendation in hiring decision. Acknowledges and provides reward/recognition to staff and/or team members.
  • Other duties as assigned.


BSN, MSW, MHA or related Bachelor's Degree. OR Five years of clinical management experience plus two years of clinical experience in an ambulatory/practice setting in lieu of Bachelor's Degree


Three years of experience related to the clinical scope. Minimum one year of direct supervisor/manager/tea m lead experience.

Additional Requirements

Training in the related clinical scope and knowledge of regulatory requirements. Certification: Certifications for clinical scope of practice as appropriate for specific program. Specific programs to require certifications based on unique program needs to be obtained within timeframe designated by program.Licensure:If applicable for degree: e.g., RN (BSN), Pharm. D (pharmacy), LCSW (Social Worker).