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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

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Maintenance Mechanic 2

Fairfax Medical Campus 618389 Full Time 3300 Gallows Road, Falls Church, VA, 22042, US

Job Description

As a Maintenance Mechanic 2, you will respond to requests for engineering services from customers during evening, night and weekend/holiday shifts in a timely manner to resolve patient/staff concerns of an engineering nature. To help achieve our mission, you will act as the Engineering department's "duty person" to resolve requests for engineering assistance to the customers' satisfaction. Performing assigned maintenance work, when not responding to service requests, is expected. Your ability to respond to any fire alarm with tools, as a member of the Hospital fire brigade, and assist in the rescue of people stuck in elevators is of vital importance. Adhering to departmental/governmental safety standards and departmental/organizational personal appearance policies is required.  Our typical shifts are 8 hours.

Job Responsibilities

  • Responds to all calls in a timely manner during – Spectralink phone calls within 30 seconds pager/overhead pager calls within one minute. Evaluates the urgency of requests and responds to the site of the request immediately if needed.
  • Document maintenance work by noting necessary information on required equipment logs, work orders or preventative maintenance (PM) orders and submits to supervisor, or relief, as appropriate.
  • Performs PM in accordance with PM orders provided by the supervisor.
  • Evaluates requests for engineering services to determine resources required to resolve the request to customers' satisfaction and notify appropriate engineering department personnel if additional resources are required to complete customers' requests due to the urgency of the request or if customers insist the work be done immediately.
  • Wears appropriate safety equipment and complies with departmental and OSHA safety standards at all times.


Additional Requirements

  • High School or GED
  • Three years of experience as a maintenance worker in a commercial setting required. Knowledge of basic electricity and plumbing.