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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

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Fairfax Medical Campus 618390 Full Time 3300 Gallows Road, Falls Church, VA, 22042, US

Job Description

In this role, as a Plumber, you will maintain, repair and modify fire suppression systems, plumbing systems, steam pressure lines, cross-connection water system devices and associated equipment to ensure a hazard-free environment that is conducive to patient care.  To achieve our mission we require that you adhere to departmental/governmental safety standards in addition to departmental/organizational personal appearance policies while working under the general supervision of the Shop Supervisor

Job Responsibilities

  • Follows hospital infection control and universal precautions at all time, maintain a clean, neat, hygienic, well-groomed and professional personal appearance, keep personal workspace and equipment in a safe and orderly condition and wear appropriate safety equipment and comply with departmental and OSHA safety standards. 
  • Maintains a working knowledge of the fire suppression systems in the hospital to include sprinkler piping, valving and other components and maintain and repair to ensure a reliable system that minimizes safety risks to occupants.  Modify fire suppression systems by following applicable codes and standards.  Must also maintain required records of fire suppression systems maintenance and testing to respond to county and The Joint Commission inquires.
  • Installs plumbing fixtures and piping throughout the hospital per state and county codes; maintain knowledge and isolate, repair and maintain plumbing systems throughout the facilities to include hot and cold water systems, natural gas systems, storm sewer systems and sanitary sewer systems to provide a safe and reliable plumbing environment.  Maintains current knowledge of state and county plumbing codes and all applicable certifications to test and maintain water systems.
  • Repairs and maintains sterile processing and operating room equipment to ensure reliable operation.
  • Install, inspects and tests all steam pressure pipes and equipment to identify operational deficiencies requiring corrections; repairing or replacing defective steam lines, valves, steam traps and condensate systems according to state and county codes and maintaining required records of steam systems under shop and department requirements.
  • Maintains and repairs all backflow devices in the hospital according to government and life safety codes; maintaining required records on all cross-connection and backflow devices that are periodically tested for reliability or replaces to provide an audit trail for inspection purposes.


Additional Requirements

  • Must have a High School Diploma or GED. 
  • A minimum of 4 years of experience as a plumber is also required
  • Must possess the ability to get a Plumber Journeyman License and Back-flow preventer license within 6 months of hire
  • Must have thorough knowledge of plumbing systems and equipment. Must posses the ability to operate the tools of the plumbing trade to include pipe threading, soldering and brazing. Proficient in English.