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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

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Immunization Nurse RN PRN

Center Personal Health 620139 Part Time 8095 Innovation Park Drive, Fairfax, VA, 22031, US

Job Description

The Immunization Nurse RN PRN provides preventive health services and administration of influenza vaccinations, COVID-19, Hepatitis B vaccinations, and tuberculosis screenings to public and private groups within the community. Professionally represents the Immunization program at public and private immunization clinics within the community. Performs necessary administrative functions in accordance with immunization program policies

Job Responsibilities

  • Represents Inova Well as an Immunization RN while working under various contracts and assignments through Inova.
  • Completes annual program and system requirements within the specified timeframe.
  • Maintains appropriate certifications, licensure and continuing education.
  • Maintains expert knowledge of specified field and identifies national trends as they apply to the population.
  • Works with emergency staff, administrative staff, management, and nursing staff to conduct vaccination clinics for Inova, corporate, governmental and community settings as appropriate.
  • Using Nursing Process, provides direct nursing services to individuals and families in the clinic setting.
  • Exercises independent judgement in conducting nursing assessments and implementing appropriate intervention.
  • Follows medical orders, provides necessary follow-up care to ensure program and health department standards are met.
  • Provides patient education and counseling using language and methods appropriate to patient level of understanding.
  • Observes confidentiality.
  • Consistently provides excellent internal and external customer service.
  • Willingness to assists others by being flexible in accepting assignments, schedule changes, and workload revisions.
  • Documents in new Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).
  • Must be able to learn other forms of documentation for vaccination documentation (i.e. VAMS).
  • Conducts interviews of individuals and families, documents relevant information, and provides direct client care through administering vaccinations and medications.
  • Conducts various needs assessment interviews, medical histories, and vitals measurements to determine appropriate health care measures or case management.
  • Administers intramuscular and subcutaneous injections safely.
  • Understands and has a knowledge base of each vaccine (i.e: reason for giving vaccine, how is it given, timing, any booster needed, side effects).
  • Recognizes and understands how to respond/treat anaphylaxis reaction signs/symptoms, medication to administer in infant/toddler/adult.
  • Understands disease process (i.e.: Typhoid fever, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Malaria, Yellow Fever).
  • Knowledge base in understanding certain medications and diseases interfere in administering certain vaccines.
  • Recognizes and understands how to respond to an emergency (chest pain, SOB, laceration, palpitations, anaphylactic reaction).
  • Uses AED safely if needed (apply pads (Peds/Adult).
  • May be required to provide documentation of citizenship for badging appointments and governmental clearance.
  • Participates in orientation of new staff members to different clinical sites.
  • Supports additional projects or duties as assigned.

Additional Requirements