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Mental Health Counselor

Kellar Center - Sterling 620704 Full Time 46050 Manekin Plaza, Sterling, VA, 20166, US

Job Description

The Mental Health Counselor adheres to Inova's culture of safety. Engages in activities integral to the continued development and success at our sites of care across Inova Health System. Provides assessment, planning, treatment, intervention, and evaluation to patients with psychiatric disorders. Provides crisis intervention and behavior management services. Provides daily check-ins and various group counseling interventions. Provides day to day documentation and counseling services for the behavioral health patients. Provides day to day safety assessments, and documentation when indicated. Provides direct patient care when indicated (if qualifications meet state minimum requirements) by managing up to 2 cases under the supervision of a Licensed Clinical Supervisor. Provides day-to-day documentation. Oversee individuals receiving services and provides behavioral, non-instructive support and psychoeducational programming to the patient population. Responsible for day to day support to the milieu. Responsible for milieu by providing therapeutic/crisis intervention and behavior management.

Job Responsibilities

  • · Ensures the provision of a physically and emotionally safe therapeutic environment by following clinical directives, program guidelines, and safety standards of care.
  • · Follows all Inova Health System/Unit policies, procedures, and practices and communicates all safety/security issues to leadership.
  • · Implements effectively and consistently the principles of Inova's behavioral intervention program.
  • · Participates in feedback sessions with the supervisor. Participates in supervision sessions with the supervisor.
  • · Contributes to the operations and ongoing development Inova's behavioral health programs.
  • · Attends and participates in all staff, team meetings, and huddles.
  • · Contributes to the center-wide integration of programs and services.
  • · Participates in supervision and all staff and team meetings. Serves actively on a committee.
  • · Ensures that appropriate staff/patient scheduling for classes and activities is adequately and appropriately covered.
  • · Provides written scheduling to staff who are covering activities.
  • · Appropriately gathers and assesses information regarding the patient’s mental and physical well-being.
  • · Analyzes and interprets relevant data to determine treatment recommendations and priorities.
  • · Formulates mutually agreed-upon treatment goals and objectives with the client utilizing all available resources.
  • · Serves as a role model for patients demonstrating the pro-social program philosophy and safe and respectful interactions.
  • · Provides crisis prevention in terms of a consistent staff presence.
  • · Identifies potential problem times and places (lunch, passing time), and directs crisis intervention.
  • · Identifies potential problem times and places (lunch, passing time) through ongoing observation in the milieu, groups, and lunchtime, and provides directs supportive crisis intervention when indicated.
  • · Demonstrates competency and follows the behavioral management system through the consistent application of the pro-social system.
  • · Consistency present in milieu to provided supportive crisis stabilization and support to support to clinical staff.
  • · Maintains medical record documentation in compliance with TJC standards and Inova's policies.
  • · Acts as a leader and co-leader in related groups.
  • · Provides daily safety assessments and develops safety plans under the supervision of clinical staff and/physicians.
  • · Ensure the safety of patients and staff through managing the searches of patients upon arrival.
  • · Interacts with parents/guardians at arrival and communicates pertinent information when indicated to physicians and/or clinical staff.
  • · Maintains medical record documentation in compliance with TJC standards and demonstrates competency electronic medical record.
  • · Ensures adequate and appropriate coverage for scheduling.
  • · Maintains record documentation in compliance with accreditation standards and Inova's policies.
  • · Maintains the inventory of materials and the provision of stock for the Program related areas; completes required documentation and assists with filing and other clerical and record keeping tasks.
  • · Develop and deliver psychoeducational programming as directed by the director.
  • · Supports Clinical Staff in providing process groups if indicated, through co-leading groups, assist in the preparation of materials for groups, managing/supervising patients in crisis, and documentation of the group process.
  • · Oversees individuals receiving services and provides behavioral and clinical supports.
  • · Gathers and assesses information regarding the individuals receiving services and the milieu.
  • · Analyzes and interprets relevant data to determine recommendations and priorities for individuals and/or groups.
  • · Acts as a leader/co-leader in groups and activities.

Additional Requirements

License: License eligible.