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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

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EPIC Systems Analyst Sr Pharm

Epic 620847 Full Time 8111 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA, 22042, US

Job Description

Assists in recruitment, development, and training of existing and new employees. Communicates project and team status to internal and external audiences to keep the project team informed. Conducts or participates in system technical and application reviews to determine feasibility, cost, and evaluate usefulness for Inova Health System. Maintains and implements EpicCare Pharmacy systems and databases to ensure optimum performance of automated systems. Manages EpicCare Information System projects/products to provide automated Pharmacy solutions that meet the Inova Health System's business needs.

Job Responsibilities
  • Remains current on programming tools/methodologies, making recommendations for team/analyst training programs to the manager, following department budget, and strategic plan.
  • Assists in the initial screening of applicants by reviewing resumes or conducting interviews, reporting impressions/findings to the Manager or Director.
  • Assists in the development and implementation of employee training/mentoring activities, as evidenced by the completion of the training program set forth by the manager, under the established policy.
  • Initiates issues for resolution escalates and communicates status to the manager daily, following established policy.
  • Maintains vendor and user relationships and communicates status and problems in a timely, professional manner as evidenced by status reports and issues list, under IS documentation standards.
  • Leads project task force meetings or workgroups.
  • Writes minutes, vendor project correspondence, and status reports, by IS documentation standards.
  • Leads in conducting system investigation to determine general feasibility, cost, and alternative system solutions as evidenced by interviewing users to define requirements and objectives of automation, per established policy.
  • Identify best fit for processes and systems through analysis of software packages, making appropriate recommendations for best fit, as evidenced by user approval documentation, per IS documentation standards.
  • Coordinates vendor demos, site visits, and reference calls as evidenced by the completion of demo scripts and reference call questionnaires, per IS documentation standards.
  • Develops/modifies standards for on-call, downtime, and request processing, as evidenced by maintaining updated and technically current IS policies and procedures.
  • Responds to and supports system issues/requests as evidenced by following documented on call, downtime, and request for service procedures, following IS documentation standards.
  • Defines modifications to application software or databases to address Pharmacy needs or enhancements as evidenced by design/systems specifications, per IS documentation standards.
  • Analyzes complex processes as evidenced by documented feasibility studies, workflow analysis, and identification/communication/evaluation of all alternate solutions encompassing a variety of techniques, by IS documentation standards.
  • Manages all phases of testing as evidenced by preparation of test data/scripts, development and execution of tests, verification of test results, and user acceptance sign off, following IS documentation standards.
  • Coordinates and directs project staff to assure projects/requests are completed within time tables and objectives met as evidenced by project plan documentation.
  • Provides project management leadership as evidenced by project planning, problem resolution, change control, and quality assurance, per established policy.
  • Evaluates impact present and/or proposed systems have/will have on the organization as evidenced by detailed cost/benefit, statistical, and impact analysis.
  • Develops system documentation as evidenced by completed policy, procedures, and systems specifications, under IS documentation standards.

Additional Requirements


Bachelor of Science, Pharmacy


5 to 7 years as systems analyst or equivalent experience.  Certification in EpicCare Pharmacy, Ambulatory, Oncology or applicable Modules.  Extensive Pharmacy experience in process flow and operations., Three to five years as systems analyst or equivalent experience.  Certification in Epic Willow Inpatient, Willow Ambulatory, Ambulatory, Beacon or applicable applications.  Extensive pharmacy experience in process flow and operations.


EPIC - Willow Inpatient Curriculum / Willow Inpatient or Willow Ambulatory Certification/ Proficiency, Willow Inpatient or Willow Ambulatory.

Licensure as required by the state in area of practice or reciprocity within one year of hire.

Experience in the support of medication management in EpicCare EMR. Experienced in integrating pharmacy automation systems with Epic.