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Registered Nurse Limb Preservation

Clinic And Schar Cancer 622452 Full Time 8081 Innovation Park Drive, Fairfax, VA, 22031, US

Job Description

As an Outpatient Registered Nurse, you will provide safe/therapeutic care in a holistic and systematic way in a physician practice or other Outpatient setting. To help achieve our mission, you will incorporate differences into the provision of care, while integrating knowledge, skills and experiences to meet the needs of patients and families, to include patient and family education. Your ability to communicate effectively and work cooperatively with others while having respect for and an understanding of other clinical disciplines is essential. Using an integrated approach toward achieving desired patient outcomes by utilizing standards, guidelines and pathways for care delivery is of vital importance. Incorporating data and information to improve care and enhance outcomes while providing direction and guidance to others regarding practice is required. Serving as a resource, preceptor and mentor while demonstrating decision making and problem solving skills is expected.

Job Responsibilities
  • Formulates plans of care based on trends of similar patients including patient education and discharge planning. Collaborates with patients and families to identify realistic desired outcomes.
  • Adapts standards and guidelines for individual patients.
  • Tailors and prioritizes caring practice to individual needs including cultural, ethical and spiritual needs of patients. Participates in the planning of routine transitional healthcare needs (i.e. treatment options, patient placement options, end of life options).
  • Responds to changes in patients' needs and provides holistic caring.
  • Adapts planned educational programs and information to individual patients and families by modifying teaching strategies or content.
  • Integrates education during the delivery of patient care.
  • Ensures efficiency in the delivery of care. Determines immediate priorities and offers solutions for problems.
  • Makes independent clinical decisions based on knowledge drawn from education and experience.
  • Actively advocates for patients' rights and identifies potential conflict.
  • Seeks counsel for resolution of conflict.
  • Identifies variances from expected outcomes.
  • Evaluates patient outcomes and makes revisions in plans of care.
  • Documents all patient care activities as per documentation standards.
  • Assists the healthcare team with the documentation process.
  • Understands, explains, participates in and utilizes human caring initiatives.
  • Appropriately delegates patient care activities to other healthcare team members and participates in making/revising staff assignments.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to give 100 percent and voluntarily assists others. Works with the team to achieve maximum productivity.
  • Communicates and collaborates consistently with the healthcare team members, patients and families to maximize desired patient outcomes.
  • Keeps informed of initiatives and incorporates the outcomes of team or committee work into practice.
  • Participates in work groups and/or committees.
  • Participates in quality improvement initiatives.
  • Incorporates research findings into nursing practice.
  • Acts as a clinical resource and serves as a mentor to healthcare team members. Displays leadership behaviors.
  • Identifies own learning needs based on self-evaluation and the progress made from the previous years.
  • Demonstrates evidence of a minimum of 20 hours of self-development activities with a minimum of six formal contact hours beyond orientation/fellowship programs.


Minimum of an Associate's Degree of Nursing required; BSN required within 2 years.

Must be licensed as a RN in the Commonwealth of Virginia or a compact designation.