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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

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Respiratory Therapist 1

Fairfax Medical Campus 623927 Full Time 3300 Gallows Road, Falls Church, VA, 22042, US

Job Description

As a Respiratory Therapist 1, you will administer basic respiratory care therapeutics and diagnostic services with skill and proficiency. To help achieve our mission, you will integrate knowledge, skills and experience to promote optimum patient care. Working effectively and appropriately communicating with other healthcare team members, patients and/or families if needed is of vital importance. Your ability to utilize standards, guidelines, protocols and pathways for optimal care delivery, while incorporating data and information to continually improve care and practice to enhance outcomes, is required. Assuming responsibility for self-development through continuing education pathways is expected.

Job Responsibilities
  • With consideration for work assignments and experience, routinely completes work assignments with minimal assistance. Consistently meets established productivity standards.
  • Consistently performs basic clinical assessments (i.e. pulse rate, respiratory rate, breath sounds, cough/sputum, chest wall/movement, perceived work of breathing, etc.) of the cardiopulmonary system with a moderate degree of accuracy.
  • Administers basic respiratory therapeutic interventions (i.e. gas/humidity therapy, bronchial hygiene, CPT, lung inflation, airway management, manual ventilation, resuscitation and medicated aerosol) with moderate proficiency and occasional supervision.
  • Establishes and manages basic mechanical ventilation with the most commonly used ventilators with moderate proficiency and occasional supervision.
  • Performs weaning mechanics as ordered with high proficiency in more than 90 percent of ventilator patients cared for. Reviews the need for continuing ventilator support (i.e. spontaneous breathing trail, weaning) in more than 90 percent of the ventilator patients cared for on a daily basis.
  • Collects specimens and performs basic diagnostic testing (e.g. EKG, sputum collection, bedside spirometry) with moderate proficiency and occasional supervision.
  • Displays a moderate degree of accuracy in the interpretation of basic diagnostic and monitoring data (e.g. spirometry, CXR, culture and sensitivity, blood gases) in the majority of the patients cared for.
  • Formulates basic plans of care based on diagnostic data, responses to therapy and the physiologic profiles of patients cared for. Uses effective time management in work organization and triaging.
  • Documents more than 95 percent of care provided with a high degree of accuracy in 100 percent of patients cared for. Documents according to protocols and/or charting templates. does not receive more than one substantiated documented error after initial instruction or correction to documentation.
  • Provides basic educational training to patients and/or family members as appropriate. Documents events in the educational section of the electronic medical record.
  • Consistently communicates accurate therapeutic and patient information to healthcare team members on the care plan and does so in a manner consistent with Inova Health System standards and per patient driven protocols.
  • Actively seeks ways to assist other members of the healthcare team.
  • Applies departmental protocols and clinical practice guidelines when indicated and does so with minimal to moderate supervision. Routinely applies new techniques and procedures with a moderate to high proficiency within 30 – 60 days of training/orientation.
  • Understands the basics of the Quality Improvement (QI) process and can list the primary QI indicators being followed within the department.
  • Routinely records data for the QI processes within the department (i.e. SBT screening, ARDS/ALI screening, PDP bronchodilator assessment).
  • Successfully completes at least eight continuing education units beyond those mandated by operating unit. Provides documented evidence to the department for the evaluation year with due consideration for new/transferred team members.
  • Successfully completes all departmental, hospital and system competencies required for job category with designated timeframes.

Additional Requirements 

  • Graduate of an accredited CoARC (The Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care) respiratory care program.
  • Eligible to sit for the National Board of Respiratory Care Advanced Practitioner exam (Registered Respiratory Therapist) OR Certified Respiratory Therapist by the National Board of Respiratory Care.
  • RT licensed, and eligible to practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • BLS from American Heart Association Upon Start 
  • Must be able to work Full Time (36 hours/ weekly)