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Fairfax Stem Cell Transplant Program: Autologous Transplantation Recipient and Allogeneic Related Donor Data Collection


General Information

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Background Information

As a transplant program we are required to collect data to document the quality of our program, maintain accreditation with national and international societies, and to enhance our understanding of stem cell transplant and the response patients have to transplant. Our transplant center sends transplant related information to US Oncology (network that we are affiliated with), the Inova Fairfax Hospital Stem Cell Transplant team, and the Center for International Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant Research (CIBMTR). For those patients having a matched unrelated donor transplant, information will be sent to the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP). On occasion we supply statistical information to federal and state agencies and insurance companies without specific reference to individual patients.

Eligibility Information

Donors are eligible to participate in the NMDP Research Sample Repository if they have donated or are scheduled to donate HSCs to an allogeneic recipient either by a marrow harvest or by apheresis. Registered volunteer donors are eligible to participate in the NMDP Research Sample.

The repository is designed to enhance the NMDP search (match) algorithm. Search algorithm enhancement research will entail potential donor match identification, verification of donor tissue type (including rare tissue types) and analyses to further characterize factors that impact histocompatibility. A tissue type is considered rare if it has been found in less than one in a million donors on the NMDP registry. Donors with rare tissue types will be targeted based on HLA typing results reported to the NMDP.