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Emergency Nursing Orientation


The Emergency Department orientation program provides a basic foundation in the principles of emergency nursing for both the new graduate and the experienced nurse to transition into the emergency department setting. Emergency nurses provide care for patients across the lifespan who present with both life-threatening and non-critical illnesses and injuries.

The 10-week program uses a blended learning approach to include online modules, self study, skills stations, case studies, medications, pathways, simulation training, resuscitation management and classroom time to focus on Inova-specific policies. Online training, hands-on practice and manipulation of equipment help set the stage for rapid assessment and critical thinking skills.

Each week about eight hours are spent in the classroom and eight hours of Emergency Nursing Association (ENA) online modules are assigned. Clinical progress and support are closely followed by the preceptors and unit-based new hire support coordinators. The orientation time varies across the Inova Emergency Department facilities depending upon each individual fellow's experience and transition to his or her respective unit. The fellow is expected to attend all classes and complete all assignments. ACLS, PALS, decontamination training and ECG courses may be offered during this period.