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Woman taking survey on her laptop

2020 Team Member Experience Survey

Thank you to all who participated!

Friday, October 9, 2020

Dear Inova Team Members,
Thank you for making time to respond to our annual Team Member Experience Survey. More than 76% of team members took the opportunity to offer feedback. This exceeds last year’s response rate and shows that our people care about Inova and are passionate about its success.

The results of this survey paint a picture of how you feel about working at Inova: your opinions on our culture, how we live our values, how we go about our work and where we are headed. Your feedback provides concrete data about how we can continue to work together in pursuit of our mission.

Leaders across the system will begin reviewing this data soon, and in the coming weeks you can expect to hear more about strengths we will celebrate, trends we should be aware of and opportunities we will address.

We recognize that it takes valuable time to participate in surveys like these, and for that we are grateful. Thank you again for your feedback.

Thank you,

J. Stephen Jones, MD, FACS
President and Chief Executive Officer

"As we continue our journey to be among the leading health systems in the nation, your voice will continue to be a guiding force." - J. Stephen Jones, MD, FACS, President and Chief Executive Officer