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The actual numbers may vary, but all experts agree that back problems are one of the top three reasons for medical visits. Back problems are second only to the common cold as the greatest cause of lost workdays.

Inova BackNET is a comprehensive care management program for the workplace designed to prevent and manage back pain. This lifestyle-based program focuses on three areas that have the greatest impact on prevention, back pain and daily living – physical activity, posture and body mechanics, and stress management.

Participants receive personalized plans with specific progressive goals to help them strengthen their backs to prevent injuries. They receive one-on-one coaching throughout the program from a care manager experienced in back health and behavior change. Participants also enjoy these benefits:

  • Confidential registration available onsite and online
  • Quick and thorough answers to questions by email and phone
  • Individualized plan with behavioral goals tailored to the participant's work and lifestyle
  • 24 hours a day, seven days a week access to online information, education and communication