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Inova TobaccoNET Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Inova TobaccoNET Interact with My Employees?

Changing a behavior is hard work and that’s why Inova TobaccoNET is built around personal coaching. After online registration is completed, an Inova TobaccoNET Care manager, or Quit Coach, will contact a participant within 3 business days by email. An online assessment helps the care manager/coach and participant develop an individualized quit plan. Work begins immediately to support healthy lifestyle changes over the next 12 sessions of assignments including a tobacco journal and recovery plan worksheet.

Is There a Minimum Number of Employees That Must Enroll?

No, the fee for the program is calculated per person for 12 sessions of participation.

What Am I, as an Employer, Responsible For?

Employers will work with Inova TobaccoNET to provide a wide range of customized, ongoing promotional campaigns directed to promote awareness and utilization of the Inova TobaccoNET program and the services it provides.

How Does Inova TobaccoNET Protect Confidentiality of the Participants?

Maintaining confidentiality is crucial to the success and credibility of all Inova TobaccoNET programs. Inova TobaccoNET will not release information to anyone outside of Inova TobaccoNET without the written authorization of the employee, unless required by law or the employee presents imminent danger to themselves or others.