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Inova WellBaby Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Inova WellBaby Interact with My Employees?

After online registration is completed, an Inova WellBaby care manager will contact a participant within 48 hours, either by email or phone. Regular email contact continues through pregnancy and/or lactation. Care managers proactively contact participants every two weeks, but will quickly respond to emails received from participants. Monthly newsletters and online discussion boards also provide interaction with Inova WellBaby.

Is There a Minimum Number of Employees That Must Enroll?

No, the fees for the program are per person for the duration of pregnancy and/or lactation.

What Am I, as an Employer, Responsible For?

Employers will work with Inova WellBaby to provide a wide range of customized promotional campaigns directed to promote awareness and utilization of Inova WellBaby programs and the services it provides. Ongoing promotional campaigns ensure a thorough introduction and continual awareness of Inova WellBaby programs.

How Does Inova WellBaby Protect Confidentiality of the Participants?

Maintaining confidentiality is crucial to the success and credibility of all Inova WellBaby programs. Inova WellBaby will not release information to anyone outside of Inova WellBaby without the written authorization of the employee, unless required by law or the employee presents imminent danger to themselves or others.