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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

  • Do you have prediabetes or are you are risk for prediabetes?
  • Are you ready to TAKE ACTION and start making lifestyle changes?
  • Do you want to work with a lifestyle coach to help you lose weight and keep it off?

The Inova Diabetes Prevention Program is a lifestyle modification program that runs for 12 months. This program is recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of developing diabetes. 

Group Sessions

  • Weekly for the first four months
  • Every other week for two months
  • Once a month for the last six months 

Participation Options

  • In-person at the Inova Center for Wellness and Metabolic Health Clinic (offered at our Fairfax and Leesburg, VA locations)
  • Via your smart phone on a HIPAA-secure app or via your Inova desktop workstation

Benefits of Joining a Group Program

  • Meet other colleagues trying to lose weight and increase physical activity.
  • Engage weekly with a lifestyle coach who specializes in preventing diabetes. Our coaches have completed specialty training approved by the CDC. They are certified diabetes educators and experts in behavior change, nutrition and physical activity.
  • The Inova Diabetes Prevention Program qualifies as an Inova Well activity.

How Do I Know If I'm Ready to Join the Program?

  • Are you able to attend and participate in a weekly 60-min session at the same time each week (remotely or in-person)?
  • Are you able to track your food intake and physical activity minutes every day?

How to Join