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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

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Pre-Conception Counseling Clinic


This clinic is designed for couples who are proactive and would like to be tested before getting pregnant. The best time to test for common genetic conditions is prior to conception.

This clinic is also ideal for couples who:

  • are from a high-risk ethnicity for genetic disorders (eg. Ashkenazi Jewish for Tay-Sachs, African-American for sickle cell, Caucasian for cystic fibrosis, etc.)
  • have experienced recurrent miscarriages
  • are consanguineous (related by blood - first cousins, etc.)
  • have a known family history of a genetic condition
  • are advanced maternal age (over 35) or advanced paternal age (over 40)

Evaluation includes:

  • Taking a family history
  • Determining inheritance patterns and risk assessment
  • Sample collection (either blood or saliva)
  • Pre- and post-test counseling

All genetic testing is optional/voluntary. Prior to testing, your insurance coverage is assessed so we may provide you with an informed estimate of the costs involved.

For appointments please call 703-776-4437 or email

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