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Inova Kellar Center In-Home Services Program

Inova Kellar Center’s In-Home Services Program provides intensive home-based interventions for families with children and adolescents who are under stress and at risk of placements outside the home.

The program also assists families with reintegrating a child or adolescent into the home and community following an out-of-home placement.

Interventions assist families in providing a safe, supportive, and stabilized family system. Services are tailored to the individual needs of the family members, and build on family strengths to both increase coping skills and enhance resources. Intensive in-home services take place within the family’s home, as well as in the community. Families also have access to Inova Kellar Center’s on-call system after regular operating hours and on weekends to assist them with emergencies.

Program Components

  • Crisis intervention
  • Family assessments
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Case management
  • Training in anger management, conflict resolution, social skills, communication, parenting, and behavior management
  • Assistance with identification and accessing of community services

Admission Criteria

To be eligible for in-home services, the family must have a child or adolescent at risk for removal from the home. Other factors to consider are if the family:

  • Has a child or adolescent returning from an out-of-home placement
  • Experiences a crisis, after already utilizing services in the community without success in making significant family changes
  • Has ongoing patterns that make the family environment unsafe for family members
  • Has a child or adolescent with chronic acting-out behaviors that result in school truancy, running away, or court involvement
  • Needs assistance with integrating adoptive or foster children into their home environment

About Our Practitioners

Clinicians are Master's level therapists who spend five hours per week in the home. An assessment and treatment plan are completed collaboratively to ensure the family’s needs are met.

Contact the In-Home Services Program

For additional information, please call 703-218-8500.