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Genetic predisposition – along with the aging process, stress, hormone balance, lifestyle factors, environmental contaminants, and sun exposure – can cause the facial elasticity to diminish, pores to clog, and the skin to become dull and aged looking.

Facial treatments can help to fix some of these common skin problems, allowing for a more radiant, younger and healthier looking appearance. Because varying skin conditions require individual solutions, all skincare appointments begin with an in-depth personalized consultation to determine the best treatment for your unique skincare needs.

Customized Facials

  • 50-minutes: $118
  • 80-minutes: $140

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial

For clients challenged with acne and over-active oil glands, this treatment draws out impurities, reduces oil production and provides balanced hydration.

The facial begins with a gentle cleansing, toning and massage. The skin is then exfoliated and extractions are performed as needed. A clarifying mask of natural kaolin and bentonite earth clays decongests pores and cellular debris. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial serums and corrective gels are then applied to calm over-reactive skin.

Pure Results Facial

This deep conditioning facial treatment was designed to correct inflammation, the primary cause of premature aging. The session begins with an invigorating exfoliating treatment.

Your skin is then conditioned with our new Naturopathica Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum, clinically proven to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Echinacea and Butterfly Bush help plump and protect the skin for more radiant, younger-looking skin.

This service also includes a deep moisturizing hand and foot treatment.

Gentlemen’s Facial

This specialized facial addresses a man’s specific skincare needs, including the prevention of ingrown hairs, soothing razor burn, and correcting damage from both shaving and sun exposure.

Acne & Blemish Facial

This effective deep pore cleansing treatment is designed to treat blemished, oily, and sensitive skin. Steam extractions and masks are used to help control acne breakouts.  It is great for all ages including teens. 

Specialized Facials

  • 50-minutes: $130
  • 80-minutes: $150

Signature Anti-Aging Facial

Our signature facial is the ultimate defense to oxidative damage. It reduces contaminants and helps restore the depletion of the body’s internal supply of antioxidants. Our custom-blended treatment contains prescription strength antioxidants and anti-aging products, formulated to penetrate deeply for maximal effect while contouring, hydrating, rejuvenating, and protecting the skin.

The anti-aging facial includes individualized skin analysis, cleansing, massage, steam, anti-aging mask and protection cream. When combined with microdermabrasion or photo light laser treatments, clients experience a marked improvement in diminished wrinkles, increased collagen production, more even tone, and smoother texture.

Vitamin C Brightening Facial

This treatment was designed to firm and brighten the skin and fight premature aging. Potent antioxidants and corrective botanical extracts revitalize the skin. Naturopathica Vitamin C15 Wrinkle Repair Serum is a powerful blend of 15% L-Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E and Oat Beta, formulated to help correct skin tone and stimulate collagen production. Hyaluronic Acid adds essential moisture and helps calm irritation.

Signature Facials

Oxygen Enriched Facial

Nourish your skin with an Oxygen Enriched Facial. After cleansing and exfoliating, oxygen-rich products are used in conjunction with a skin specific mask for an age defying boost for all skin types.

  • 80-minutes: $180 

Oncology Facial

Our licensed master aestheticians certified in oncology aesthetics are trained to provide restorative skin care therapies to those living with cancer. All treatments emphasize the client’s safety and environmental sanitation.

Our aestheticians understand the special health needs of those with cancer or recovering from its treatment, allowing them to select the appropriate professional skin care products, ingredients and protocols for cancer-related skin conditions.

Our restorative Oncology Facial treatment can help with some of the visual skin damage that occurs during oncology treatments. It is designed to be a relaxing, holistic treatment to help nourish and restore the integrity of the skin.

Gentle cleansers, toners and moisturizers are used throughout the service. Exfoliation is done through a calming massage technique; extractions and harsh scrubs are avoided to soothe sensitive skin. The service concludes with the application of a hydrating mask and a light pressure scalp and neck massage.

Only restorative treatments can be performed during and up to one year of completing oncology medical treatments. Physician approval is required.

  • 50-minutes: $109
  • 80-minutes: $131

24 Karat Gold Facial

24 karat gold facial products have been used for centuries by royalty in India, Egypt, China, and the Far East. This precious metal yields a number of cosmetic benefits; it has been found to increase collagen production, improve the skin’s elasticity, and act as an anti-inflammatory. It also has powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties which helps to oxygenate the skin and minimize acne, redness, and skin allergies.

This 80-minute treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage with ultrasound, a glycolic treatment, lymphatic drainage, and the application of a 24 karat gold mask.

  • 80 minutes: $299

Add-On & Express Services:

Rejuvenation Express Facial

When short on time, but relaxation is a must, this facial is ideal. This 25 minute express facial will leave you feeling calm and refreshed; it includes gentle cleansing, a hydrating mask, and a rejuvenating facial massage. Couple this with an Express Massage for a great lunch hour “treat.”

  • 25-minutes: $75

Emergency Acne Treatment

Our aestheticians will cleanse the face, use high frequency, and apply Retinoic Acid to the area of concern.

  • 15-minutes: $30

Anti-Aging Eye Therapy Treatment

Designed to minimize the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines around the eyes. This therapy can be a single service or enjoyed as an addition to any facial treatment.

  • 15-minutes: $30

All prices are subject to change without notice; please confirm pricing when booking an appointment.

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