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Skin Rejuvenation


Inova Medical Spa offers a variety of skin rejuvenation treatments including IPL (intense pulsed light) and skin resurfacing. These treatments can be an effective way to improve the appearance and radiance of your skin with no downtime.

We use systems from trusted brands such as Syneron-Candela, Cynosure and Sciton to combat visual signs of aging, active lifestyles, and sun damage. BBL energy allows your provider to precisely treat age and sun spots, small facial veins, and many other skin conditions. For hair removal and spider vein treatment, we use the Gentle Max Pro laser.


IPL, or intense pulsed light, treats sun damage, freckles, melasma, uneven pigmentation, rosacea, and broken capillaries of the face, neck, chest and hands of certain skin types. IPL treatments can be an effective way to improve the appearance and radiance of your skin with no downtime. IPL lasers can now also treat acne.

Generally multiple treatments are required for optimal results. An initial consultation is required before the first treatment.


Service Description Single Service
Face $350
Face and Neck $450
Hands $150
Face, Neck and Hands   $600

eMatrix™ Skin Rejuvenation

The eMatrix™ is a new fractional skin rejuvenation device that is used to increase collagen and to minimize the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, and scars. The tone and texture of the skin will improve with each treatment. It is particularly great for lessening the appearance of scarring from acne and is safe for all skin types.

A minimum of four to five treatments are required every four weeks. In comparison to laser resurfacing, eMatrix™ provides very little downtime associated with this device. Each session is typically 30 minutes in length. 


Service Description    Single Service
Face $450
Face and Neck $650

Co2 Skin Resurfacing

Carbon dioxide (Co2) fractional laser resurfacing removes layers of skin tissue in a fractionated method to reveal the fresh, new skin underneath. Narrow columns of skin are removed by the laser, leaving the skin surrounding each column intact to aid in healing. This treatment is proven to effectively minimize wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. Clients can expect dramatic improvements in skin elasticity and pigmentation. It can help to minimize the appearance of texture irregularities, sun damage, and large pores. A series of treatments is usually recommended for best results. Downtime is variable.


Co2 Skin Resurfacing is often used to treat isolated areas on the face such as fine or deep wrinkles around the mouth or eyes. The use of this technology allows us to customize a treatment plan to match your exact needs. Please call us at 703-554-1130 for a consultation and pricing.

Invisilift Non-Surgical Face Lift

A non-surgical, non-invasive facial procedure that uses FDA-approved facial ultrasound. These gentle and effective sound waves assist in promoting collagen and elastin production – creating tighter, thicker, firmer and more resilient skin. This procedure also stimulates lymphatic drainage which helps to minimize puffiness around the eye and jowl areas. It also promotes better skin penetration of topical skincare products.

Single session: $155


Call 703-554-1130 for a consultation with one of our experienced providers.

All prices are subject to change without notice; please confirm pricing when booking an appointment.

Pre- and Post-Treatment Instructions for IPL


4 weeks before

  • Do not wax, tweeze, bleach or use hair removal creams or electrolysis on treatment area
  • Avoid direct sun exposure. If unavoidable, please use minimum SPF 50 broad spectrum sunscreen.

1-2 weeks before

  • Discontinue tanning (includes beds, self-tanning creams and sprays)

24 hours before

  • Shave treatment area if applicable


Day of Appointment

  • Remove any lotion, make-up and deodorant prior to treatment

During Treatment

  • You may feel a slight pricking or stinging. Some people compare the feeling to a rubber band snapping onto the skin.
  • For your comfort, a topical numbing cream is available for purchase. You must arrive 30 minutes prior to treatment time in order for it to be applied and to take effect.
  • You will be provided protective eyewear that you must wear during treatment


  • Avoid sun exposure, tanning beds and creams until your treatments are completed
  • Avoid contact sports or other intense activities that may cause treatment area to bruise
  • Do not shave the treated area if crusting is evident
  • Do not pick or scratch off the treated pigmented lesions as they will naturally slough off in 2-3 weeks
  • Apply a minimum SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen to the treatment area 
  • Treated area may appear red, irritated and swollen (like sunburn). Apply ice packs or cold aloe vera to soothe the skin.
  • Can apply makeup, lotion, resume shaving and apply skincare to treatment area as long as the skin is not broken and there is no extended redness, blistering or scabbing. Remove makeup and creams gently with a soft, clean cloth and mild cleanser. Do not scrub or rub as it can open the area and potentially scar.
  • If scabbing or blistering or signs of infection occur please contact provider