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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

Getting Started

  • Request a virtual appointment
  • Patients will receive an email and text to confirm a scheduled appointment
  • A follow-up text with a secure telemedicine link will be sent five minutes prior to the scheduled appointment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I need at home for this virtual program?

All you need is Internet access and a scale.

How will I communicate with the team outside of appointments?

Patients can communicate with our team via dedicated email address, phone calls, or through MyChart messaging.

How will I be billed for a virtual UCC visit – can I use my insurance?

The normal billing process will apply to Inova Urgent Care video visits for both insured and self-pay patients.

If an in person follow up visit is deemed necessary, will I be charged twice?

No. If an in-person follow-up visit is deemed necessary by the provider, the patient will only be charged for one urgent care visit.

Advantages of Virtual Visits

  • Get care on the day of your appointment from the comfort of your home.
  • No need to delay your appointment or progress.
  • Inova follows CDC recommendations for added security of your medical information.
  • Video and telephone visits will be billed to your insurance. (Some insurance companies are waiving patient responsibility amounts; please check with your plan.)

Request a Virtual Appointment