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Transplant patients continue to be monitored after they return home. They make regular visits to Inova Transplant Center so their medications can be monitored and modified. The comprehensive post-transplant follow-up care is credited with the exceptional survival rates achieved in each of our transplant programs.

Following transplant surgery, the patient is seen by the transplant surgeon and hepatologist, who together manage the patient's immunosuppressive therapy. After discharge, the patient is seen for three months in the transplant clinic for continued postoperative care, immunosuppressive treatment and education on transplant care. Once stable, the patient returns to his or her primary physician for long-term care in conjunction with the transplant clinic.

Outpatient Visits

Patients are routinely seen for outpatient visits as follows:

  • Month 1 — twice a week for one week; Once a week for four weeks
  • Months 2-3 — every two weeks
  • Months 4-12 — once a month by nephrology or clinic
  • After month 12 — annual checkup and every two to three months as indicated by nephrologist (usually)

This schedule may be altered after the third month to enable nephrology to reclaim responsibility for the patient's care.

Post-Transplant Education and Resources Manual

Our post-transplant educational manual is a printable PDF containing contact information and important guidelines about medicines, followup care, support, and health monitoring to help ensure a successful life after kidney transplant.

Post-Transplant Manual