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Kelly Ellington, RDN

Kelly Ellington, RDN

Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Why I Got My Shot

As we expand our vaccination capabilities, we know some people are still hesitant to be vaccinated, whether due to health conditions, misinformation or general concerns about the unknowns of COVID-19. This week, Kelly Ellington, RDN, Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, shares the reason why she got her shot.

After careful consideration and many conversations with my obstetrician, I got my shot to protect myself and my unborn baby from the effects of COVID-19. Pregnant women may be more likely to suffer severe illness from COVID-19, including ICU admission, the need for mechanical ventilation, and even death. Furthermore, pregnant women who contract COVID-19 may see adverse pregnancy outcomes such as preterm birth. Early evidence suggests that vaccinated mothers may pass COVID-19 antibodies to their children either in-utero or via breastmilk, which offers me additional peace of mind that I am doing the right thing for my future child. These factors, along with my increased risk for exposure to the virus as a healthcare worker, led me to my decision.

As healthcare workers, we understand that science is an ever-evolving journey of discovery. While this pandemic has been an immense challenge for us, I’ve been inspired by the perseverance and bravery of my colleagues in showing up every day to fight COVID-19 and care for our fellow humans despite the unknowns of the virus and its effects. To me, getting my shot was my opportunity to be courageous, support our vaccine experts, and do my part in moving us one step closer to ending the COVID-19 pandemic.