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In 2011, Inova became a Founding Sponsor of the Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI), a national movement to implement a sector-wide approach to environmental health and sustainability within healthcare.

During the ramp-up of this initiative in early 2012, Inova contributed our experiences with sustainability in healthcare to the resources and tools being developed by HHI to help guide other hospitals on their sustainability journeys. We are proud to have had the opportunity to share our lessons and experiences to support this mission.

The official launch of the Healthier Hospitals Initiative occurred at a Washington, D.C. event in April 2012, where Inova committed to pursuing goals in all six of HHI’s Challenge Areas.  

Inova's former CEO, Knox Singleton, emphasized at this event that Inova’s key motivation in signing up for these Challenges was to support our mission to protect health (a motivation which he later emphasized in a White House panel on Greening America’s Hospitals).

Inova has committed to reporting on our progress towards the HHI Challenges annually by sharing select environmental metrics with HHI.  This data will help the Healthier Hospitals Initiative tell a quantitative story of the impact achieved across the industry over the course of its three-year duration.

HHI Challenges Enrolled In