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Team Member COVID-19 Contacts

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COVID-19 Coordination Center

For all system level information regarding COVID-19 (policies, signage, supply chain, IT support)

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COVID-19 Team Member Health

For all team members to report symptoms and exposures (possible exposures) and to be screened, tested and tracked

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COVID-19 Respiratory Illness Clinic Call Center

For all patient testing purposes or to schedule an appointment to be screened by a provider for COVID-19

Why Vaccination Is Our Strongest Defense | August 17, 2021

Inova Team Member COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

Inova Team Member Health Vaccination Clinics and Information

Inova Team Member Health Vaccination Clinics
Team Member Health is administering the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to all Inova team members and contractors with an Inova ID. Team members do not need an appointment. Review a full list of vaccination clinics provided by Team Member Health and our Pharmacy Plus locations. Also, we will have the first of our pop-up vaccination clinics at ICPH on Saturday, July 17.

Team Member Health locations and walk-in clinic times

Vaccination Consent Form: You need to complete a vaccination consent form when you receive both the first and the second doses of the vaccine. Please print and complete the consent form and take it with you to the vaccination clinic, regardless of whether you have an appointment or are a walk-in. This will streamline the vaccination process and shorten your time in the clinic. If you do not bring a completed consent form, one will be provided to you onsite.

Vaccination Card: Please remember to bring the vaccination card that you received at your first dose when you return for your second dose appointment.

COVID-19 Vaccination Consent Form

Inova Health System COVID-19 Research Assessment Committee

Resources for All Team Members

Team Member Health (resources for team member exposure, symptoms and testing)

Team Member Wellness

Resources to help you and yours manage stress, anxiety, and communication during this unique challenge. We wish you well. And, as always, we’re here to help!

Visit Team Member Wellness

Resources for Patient Care

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE Donning and Doffing

PPE Guidance

Eye Protection, Gloves and Gowns

N95 and Equivalent Respirators

Powered Air-Purifying Respirators (PAPRs)

PPE Guidance for Specific Service Lines


Visitation Guidance

COVID-19 Signage Order Form

Resources for Telemedicine

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External COVID-19 Data Resources

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 Data Tracker
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Virginia Department of Health (VDH) COVID-19 in Virginia Dashboard
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Virginia Hospital COVID-19 Dashboard

Patient Feedback and Words of Gratitude

Our patients and community members continue to express their gratitude for the world-class care they are receiving across Inova. Their words are an incredible reflection of the compassionate, connected care, being provided by our Inova teams and we are proud and humbled to share what they have to say…
“…very impressed with the staff's response to Coronavirus. Sanitizing procedures were excellent and I truly felt safe being there.”

Inova Urgent Care
“This was my first telemedicine appointment and it went as well as my office visits. I'm glad this was offered due to coronavirus.”

Inova Primary Care
“Due to COVID-19, special care was taken. My husband was kept up-to-date with my status.” Inpatient Care
“Given that we are in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, admission staff, nurses, doctor, basically everyone, were phenomenal and super professional in how they treated me from the moment I arrived to when I departed. I commend them and thank them all for their service.” Inova Emergency Services
“This was the best ER experience I have ever had... there was much awareness around coronavirus and the associated protocols... every member of staff seemed cognitive of this in their actions... hand cleansing went on everywhere.” Inova Emergency Services
“During this time of COVID-19, I am happy to see a lot of precautions being done around the office. The staff is calm and attentive. I felt safe which is what matters most these days.” Inova Primary Care
“…we requested early (24-hour) discharge due to the risks of COVID-19. The nursing team worked expeditiously to accommodate our request, and we were able to leave 25 hours after our baby was born. thank you!!!!” Inpatient Care
“During this difficult time dealing with COVID-19, I got the best care anyone could have asked for. I thank you all for continuing to be on the front lines in this fight.” Inova Emergency Services
“My first visit to this office was during the COVID-19 quarantine and the office did an amazing job to make me feel safe. They did not have any patients interact throughout the entire process and made sure to take all safety precautions. I was amazed and thrilled because I have a heart condition and going out in this was very scary.” Inova Primary Care
“With all of the coronavirus concerns it would have been expected to be harsh and bossy, but the professionalism and courtesy was amazing and seemed to be standard.” Inpatient Care
“No one was allowed to have someone with them unless they were interpreting because of COVID-19. It was definitely understandable, and the staff was appropriately apologetic and understanding when they told me my husband could not come with me.” Inova Emergency Services
“I appreciated my healthcare provider taking the time to discuss the COVID-19 to me. Even though I am aware of it and what to expect, I appreciate my healthcare provider speaking on it." Inova Primary Care
“I've been married to a nurse for almost 42 years! Great attention to detail in this time of COVID-19 - they put me at ease and got me well-situated for examination and treatment. I always felt that they listened and explained things very well.” Inova Emergency Services
“… made a number of calls on my behalf to determine whether and where I should get a COVID-19 test, since I was exhibiting the correct symptoms (I tested negative). She did an excellent job of explaining the diagnostic and treatment options associated with my condition. She also followed up on my condition and prescribed antibiotics since I have elevated white blood cell count. I appreciate her dedication and definitely felt well cared for.” Inova Primary Care