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Application Process

Inova Loudoun Hospital Volunteer Services Department has open application periods four times a year. Each open application period will begin at 9 a.m. and close on the last day at 9 a.m. The application link will be activated during these periods. Please note: Application periods may close early if we have received the maximum number of applications needed.

Volunteer Recruitment and Onboarding Temporarily Suspended

To help protect our patients and team members from the spread of COVID-19, Inova Loudoun Hospital has temporarily suspended the recruitment and onboarding of new volunteers for the indefinite future.

Application Periods

Opens 9 a.m. on the first day and closes at 9 a.m. on the last day. We accept all applicants during each application period, with the exception of the May Session. The May session is a special summer only program for high school and college applicants (see below for further details).

Dates Open

  • September 1-8 - Cancelled
  • November 1-8 - Cancelled

1. Complete an Application

  • Adult volunteers: Click here to apply
  • College volunteers: Click here to apply
    (Please note that this application is for online or local college students who are able to commit to volunteering a weekly regular shift for a continuous six months or longer)
  • High school volunteers: Click here to apply

After review of your application, the Volunteer Services Department will notify you by email regarding the second step of the application process.

This application and onboarding process consists of several steps, including screenings and training sessions, to ensure that volunteering at Inova Loudoun Hospital will be a good fit for you and for the hospital. This process is also to ensure that you meet the HIPAA and compliance regulations as a hospital volunteer. Inova Loudoun Hospital's onboarding process takes approximately four to six weeks. You will only move to the next step of the process if you have successfully cleared the previous step. If you decide through this process that for any reason volunteering at Inova Loudoun Hospital is not a good fit for you, you may opt-out of the onboarding process by notifying the volunteer manager.

2. Informational Interview

All volunteers that have successfully cleared the application process will be invited to the volunteer offices for an informational interview to review their application and interests, be informed of the next steps of the process, obtain the appropriate paperwork, and go over any questions that the applicant may have.

3. Orientation

All volunteers are required to participate in an online New Volunteer Orientation prior to starting their volunteer responsibilities.

At orientation, you will learn in detail about the requirements for volunteering, the history and mission of Inova Loudoun Hospital, as well as hospital policies, safety procedures, patient confidentiality, infection control and standards of behavior. The Volunteer Services Department policies will also be reviewed.

4. Health Requirements

All volunteers are required to have two TB tests completed as part of their initial onboarding process. The TB tests are free of charge for volunteers through the Employee Health Office OR volunteers can elect to have the tests completed by their own primary care provider (these visits will not be reimbursed) and submit the results to the Inova Loudoun Hospital Employee Health Office. Volunteers will receive information during the informational interview regarding this health requirement step. Completion of both TB tests takes approximately three weeks.

5. Placement Interview

Following the successful completion of orientation you will schedule a placement interview with the Volunteer Services Department manager. During this interview you will review the policies outlined in orientation, receive confirmation of your department and volunteer position, review training procedures and how to record volunteer hours, and obtain your hospital ID badge and uniform shirt.

6. Position-Specific Training

Each placement has a distinct training and start-up procedure. You will be required to attend an in-person, department-specific orientation prior to beginning your first shift or to train with a seasoned volunteer or staff member in your department to learn needed skills, HIPAA and compliance and hospital procedures.

7. Begin Volunteering!

As an Inova Loudoun Hospital volunteer you will have a regular volunteer shift in your department each week. You are now an important part of that department's team and they depend on you to help make our patients experience a great one! If you find you need to change your schedule due to school, work or other reasons, please work with the volunteer manager on your schedule change. This may require training in a new department depending on availability.

Annual Volunteer Requirements

In order for the Volunteer Services Department to ensure that patients, families, visitor and staff are receiving quality care from freshly trained volunteers, we hold department-specific orientation and annual training sessions.

Annual Medical Requirements

(Required and provided free of charge to all active volunteers through our Employee Health Office)

  • Flu shot

Annual Training Requirements

  • Training
    • HIPAA and compliance
    • Fire safety
    • Patient confidentiality
    • Standard precautions and hand hygiene
    • Wheelchair safety

You Must Be at Least 16 Years of Age to Become a Volunteer at One of Our Inova Loudoun Hospital Campuses: