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Safety and Satisfaction

Safety is our number one priority at Inova Alexandria Hospital.

We promise to:

  • Wear an Inova employee ID badge at all times and identify ourselves to you
  • Verify patient identity before providing care, treatment or services using at least two identifiers (your name, birth date, medical record number)
  • Perform multiple medication checks before giving your medication
  • Complete a medication reconciliation form to compare your current medications with medications ordered while in the hospital
  • Communicate with other staff before sending you to a test or procedure
  • Have each nurse complete a fall assessment on all patients each day to prevent your risk for falls
  • Use colored wrist bands to alert us to your allergies, important medications you are taking, or other special information

How you can play an active role in your healthcare:

  • Provide detailed information about your medications and medical history
  • Alert us if you have any allergies (especially to any dyes or medications used in common tests or procedures)
  • Ask questions to help you clearly understand your diagnosis, treatment plan and other aspects of your care
  • Ask staff to identify themselves and show proper ID before treatments and procedures
  • Make sure staff correctly identify you before treatments, procedures or giving you medications
  • Use your call bell for assistance with any other needs

Approximately two weeks after you leave the hospital, you may receive a telephone call from Professional Research Consultants (PRC) asking about the care you received here. We hope that you will be able to answer "excellent" or "always" to the survey questions.