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Eligibility for Services at Inova Cares Clinics for Women

A medical home for kids: We provide comprehensive pediatric services for children of mothers on Medicaid or without insurance.

All patients who receive care at Inova Cares Clinics for Women, must be referred to the clinic by an appropriate community partner.

How Do I Start to Receive OB (Childbirth) Care at the Inova Cares Clinic for Women?

You must contact the Fairfax County Health Department to initiate prenatal care. Once qualified, you will be referred to Inova Cares Clinics for Women for care.

Prenatal / Childbirth / OB Care Requirements

For prenatal OB care, patients must meet three criteria in order to be eligible for care:

  1. You must be a resident of Fairfax County, Virginia.
  2. You must have no health insurance.
  3. You must meet Inova Charity Program income requirements of no more than 400% of the federal poverty level for household income.

If a patient meets these three criteria, she must first go to her local Fairfax County Health Department and have a confirmation of pregnancy test, Public Health Assessment visit with a Public Health Nurse, and Eligibility appointment with a Family Assistance Worker. Once these steps have been completed, Inova Cares will be contacted to request an appointment for an Intake visit with a Nurse.

Follow-Up Visit from Inova Fairfax ER

Inova Cares also provides one follow up visit to patients who are seen in the Inova Fairfax Hospital Emergency Department and meet the eligibility criteria for the clinic (see above).

Select community partners may refer certain gynecologic cases to Inova Cares Clinics based on eligibility criteria, referral review and acceptance, and type of requested service.

Inova Cares Clinics for Women will not accept any cases that are not appropriately referred through one of the above-listed methods.