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Best Hospitals for Nurses badgeNursing Residency + Retention

Inova provides a Nurse Residency Program for all new graduate nurses starting their career. This 1-year program, meeting monthly for four hours in a cohort setting, provides for educational and emotional support as new graduate nurses transition from being a student to the role of the professional nurse. The monthly meetings provide a safe environment for the necessary learning and transitions, focusing on time management, communication, dealing with stress, conflict management, as well as working with complex clinical scenarios. The residency also provide additional training in evidence-based nursing practice and provides an opportunity for learners to apply the principles of EBP to unit-based issues and provide solutions to real-time identified problems.

Thank You to All Who Support Inova Nurses 

Inova is committed to attracting and retaining the most talented and skilled nurses, and to ensuring our nurses have robust professional development opportunities. Inova is grateful to our donors for their generous support in funding many of the scholarships and awards highlighted here. Philanthropic gifts allow us to support our nurses as they seek to advance their skills, further their education and provide personal and highly skilled care to all of our patients. To all of our nursing donors we say, “Thank You!”

Inova's Professional Practice Model

1 - Shared Transformational Leadership

(Decision Making, Empowerment, Autonomy, Accountability, Succession Planning, Innovation)

2 - Meaningful Recognition

(ADVANCE Clinical ladder, Education Advancement, Professional Certifications, Award and Honors)

3 - Collaborative Relationships

(Community, Inter and Intradisiplinary Collaboration, Effective Communication)

4 - Professional Vision and Value

(Culture of Safety, Clinical Excellence, Work Life Balance, Appreciation of Diversity)

5 - Care Delivery System

(Patient Focused, Respect of Patient and Family Preferences, Team Approach, Efficient)

6 - Evidence-Based Practice

(Nurse-driven Research, Clinical Inquiry, Translate/Inocorporate Findings into Practice, Evaluate Patient Outcomes)

professional practice model

Inova’s professional practice model is designed to embody a Human Caring Philosophy and a Healthy Work Environment.

Nursing Annual Report

nursing report coverDownload the Inova 2022 Nursing Annual Report for updated statistics, innovation highlights and more from around Inova Health System.