What You’ll Learn

The nurse residency program is not a repeat of nursing school. As a resident of this one-year program, you’ll be given ample opportunities to expand your clinical reasoning, communication and leadership skills in the acute care setting. You will develop self-confidence and assurance as a caregiver through:

  • An evidence-based, blended learning curriculum with online modules, in person classes, and hands on simulation training
  • Interactive group exercises
  • A final evidence-based group project that will help improve patient care

Confidence, competence and acclimation into professional practice are continuously measured. You will graduate with a rich network of trusted peers and clinical mentors and the knowledge to:

  • Apply foundational nursing education to the Inova Care Delivery Model
  • Incorporate evidence-based research into practice
  • Provide quality care that exhibits personal leadership, confidence and competence
  • Use critical thinking and effective decision-making skills

See full requirements and apply online

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Inova Loudoun Hospital, 2021-22 Cohort 10
Inova Fair Oaks Hospital nurses
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How is Inova Different?

We are committed to education and professional development. Our expansive network of services yields countless career paths and opportunities for growth.

Inova nurses have the privilege to work collaboratively with 10 local nursing schools and other health care institutions and have access to:

Education Benefits

How Does Inova Support Your Career Journey?

Shared Governance

Our system-wide shared governance structure and process supports and encourages nurses to use their voice to promote effective change for patients and team members. We practice shared governance and decision making at the unit, hospital and system level – nurses always have a seat at the table.

ADVANCE Clinical Ladder

Managed by clinical nurses, our robust, well-established clinical ladder enables both career growth and added financial compensation.

Specialty Fellowships

Inova offers an expansive network of specialty services. To bolster success, Inova provides Specialty Fellowship training for nurses who decide to transfer into a new specialty.

Mentoring and Coaching

Our gold standard mentoring/coaching program can help you refine your career planning. Inova pays for three to six mentor/coaching sessions.

Nursing Professional Development (NPD) Support

Our experienced nurses in NPD roles are will support your career goals from orientation through retirement. Clinical Mentors and Clinical Mentor Extenders promote orientation success. Nurse Educators and Clinical Nurse Specialists advance your learning as your career evolves.

Research, EBP and Implementation Science

Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) immersion begins in nursing residency, but does not end there. Inova’s PhD prepared nurses guide nurses in fellowships and programming to improve skills in research, EBP and implementation science.

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