Based on a hub and spoke model, the Office of Research at Inova acts as the hub to the participating product line spokes. We provide clinician-researchers with a variety of essential services to support their participation in inpatient and outpatient investigational studies.

Services include:

  • Administrative and technical support in the conduct of inpatient and outpatient research trials
  • Orientation and education for research personnel
  • Research budgeting and contract management
  • Technology transfer services
  • Grants Management Office

Our services permit clinicians to participate in investigational studies while maintaining demanding patient care and professional obligations.

Our efficient research management system increases the attractiveness of Inova Health System facilities to potential research sponsors. By serving as a single, readily accessible point of contact between research sponsors and investigators throughout the life of a study, we streamline and facilitate communication. This ensures JCAHO compliance and meets FDA Good Clinical Practice guidelines. Research sponsors appreciate the unique advantage of Inova facilities as resource venues.

To maintain Inova's reputation as a first-class location for scientific research, we work closely with each investigator to support the scientific integrity of all projects.

Clinical Research Support Office

The Clinical Research Support Office (CRSO) is responsible for providing technical support for all research software applications to ensure compliance and facilitate research activities. The CRSO also ensures compliance with clinical research billing regulations across the system.

Grants Management Office

Inova Health System is promoting and supporting our research enterprise by making seed grants available to our research community. This program has two types of available grants: Research Seed Grants and Summer Student Research Seed Grants.

Please direct any questions via email to

Human Research Protections Office

The Human Research Protections Office (HRPO) is responsible for protecting the rights and welfare of research participants at Inova Health System (IHS). The office is also responsible for ensuring compliance with federal regulations, state laws, and IHS institutional policies pertaining to the conduct of human research.

Office of Sponsored Research Projects

The Office of Sponsored Research Projects (OSRP) is responsible for preparing, negotiating, and issuing research-related contracts. All contracts committing Inova resources (facilities, employees’ time, etc.) for research purposes must be reviewed and approved through the Office of Sponsored Research Projects and signed by the Vice President of Research Operations.

Research Business Office

The Research Business Office (RBO) provides oversight for research study budgets and billing. The office manages all financial activities for each spoke, including verification and processing of research bills for payment, invoicing sponsors and consolidation of study financials.

Research Compliance and Quality Assurance Office

The Research Compliance and Quality Assurance (RCQA) Office conducts not-for-cause confidential peer reviews of on-going studies, to assist in improving the quality of research conducted at Inova. The team is comprised of representatives from different areas within the ORI hub. Studies are selected for review randomly or by request from the spoke lead.

Inova Core Biorepository

The Inova Core Biorepository (ICB) facilitates and supports research at Inova Health System that will improve patient care and outcomes. The ICB functions under standard operating procedures (SOPs), quality assurance and quality control measures to promote specimen integrity and accessibility.

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