At Inova, the patient and family relationship with us is the center of our care delivery model. Everyone is responsible for, and plays an important role in, the patient experience. Patient Experience is defined by Beryl Institute as the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization's culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care. Nurses play a significant role at every level to enhance touchpoints a patient and family have during their experience. From the moment a patient enters our doors to the time they are discharged, Inova Alexandria Hospital nurses are there to help.

Patient Comments

Theme: Voice of our patients, best practices in listening

I had COVID and the Inova team was amazing especially nurse "Mary." She is a former COVID patient and she could relate well with my condition. She was very supportive and went beyond the call of duty to make sure I was very comfortable during my stay.

I wish to commend Samla (Sammie) on her attentive skills - she was most accommodating and very personable. She remained to be my most attentive ER nurse being with me at all times. The techs in radiology imaging were kind and attentive as well.

Theme: Explaining in a way you understand

I felt like the prep for my surgery was excellent and very professional. I thought the nurse was very explanatory of everything he did, the anesthesiologist was very informative and all other nursing staff was just great supportive. I felt like it is a very well run team. Very highly appreciative and grateful.

The nurses were always nice. I appreciated them explaining every medication to me.

Very considerate and efficient and explained things in a thorough manner in a way I understood. She answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns.

Theme: Staff working together

I really appreciated how my family was treated, for example, they were moved out of the general waiting area to a room to wait for me. It was comforting to be wheeled into a room with my family there waiting for me.

Each person we came in contact with treated my wife with respect, courtesy and a friendly smile. I was really impressed with that and their concerns for her during my visit. I appreciate it ... Thank you.

All of my nurses and technicians were marvelous. They were very professional, informative, kind and provided me with wonderful care. I hope any future medical care that I might require was as well done as the care provided during this hospitalization. Even though I know how busy they must have been I never experienced any rushed care.

All the nurses and technical staff were very good. Some went out of their way to be especially helpful. In some cases the nurses, technical staff and patient (me) worked together to help one another for the benefit of all.

Theme: Connecting with the patient

I could feel a personalized attention despite the number of patients that the hospital must have very good attention of the nursing staff very kindness thanks.

Nurses and midwives were very warming and helpful. Felt like I was delivering with people I've known, making my experience comfortable.

They made me feel how as a family they gave me a lot of affection, patience and have the highest level of professionalism to know how to understand and help each of the needs that I had.

Everybody treated me with kindness showing empathy and a personal interaction. They genuinely cared and it showed.

Theme: Nurse communication

Cameron was the first to greet me. His first words were, "I'm very sorry that this happened to you." His words set a reassuring tone. They meant a lot in that moment. Near the end of my stay at ER, I was moved to another bay and was greeted by an equally caring nurse. I did not catch the nurse's name bur she was just as attentive and with an equally professional manner. I thank them both. It was a busy night in the ER, but I never had to ask for attention. Someone was always there when needed.

Kevin was an awesome nurse. I greatly appreciate how nice he was to me and listened to my concerns. I felt special as I had voiced my distaste for IVs and as soon as I was discharged, he was waiting right there to take out my IV! Thank you, Kevin!

Theme: Attention to detail

The nurses were absolutely incredible. I cannot say enough good about their awesome level of care and skill. I remain extremely impressed that start to finish at all times how good they were in caregiving. Truly made the recovery so much better.

All the nurses had positive attitudes and were kind and efficient. [Giving care] accurately, kindly. . . [they were] personally pleasant, professionally excellent.

I was impressed by the consistently high level of competence and attention to detail. They either answered my questions or quickly found out the answers. Superb nursing staff.