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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

ASTEC Surgery Training Suite: Request a Reservation

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Thank you for your interest in using the Inova Advanced Surgical Technology and Education Center (ASTEC). We offer a wide variety of training options including two endoscopic ORs, two post-anaesthesia care unit bays, fully equipped surgery training theatre, central skills area, PreOp, PACU bays, mock patient bays, da Vinci and other robotic surgery practice tools, virtual reality trainers, and a 28-seat classroom with A/V and computer equipment installed. You may request one or more sections of the ASTEC, for varying lengths of time, according to your needs. 

Just looking to take a tour?

Contact Michelle Ramirez at 703-776-2040.

If Inova department, just enter cost code.
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