Reappointment is the process of re-evaluating a practitioner's current competency after they have been appointed to the medical staff or professional staff at an Inova entity. Inova reappoints each practitioner via a schedule based on the practitioner's birth month. Some practitioners may be reappointed "out of sync" depending on their initial approval date in relation to the current reappointment schedule. Reappointments are being standardized to place all practitioners in the birth month-odd/even-year cycle. During this transition period your reappointment cycle may be less than 24 months.

Reappointment Process

  • Centralized Credentialing staff will send each practitioner an online application via an emailed portal link approximately five (5) months prior to their reappointment expiration
  • Practitioners need to complete the reappointment application, crosscheck the demographic information currently in our database for accuracy, complete new attestation questions, review, sign and date the Delineation of Privileges form (if included), and provide a clear color copy of their photo ID (current state driver's license or Inova badge)