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Fun Committee Survey

Are you ready for some fun?

Planning for 2020, the Fun Committee has put some FUNds aside and we want your input on how we best utilize the resources. And we’re not just about “fun,” this year will be about personal and professional development as well as community service. In the spirit of those three categories, we’d like to hear from you to help get ahead of what should be a great 2020. 

Please provide us with ideas and perspectives on how our division can get together for the below group activities. 

Please list your great ideas for community service or volunteer opportunities in the community (examples: building homes, working at a soup kitchen, working at fundraising events, etc.)
Please list your ideas for personal and professional development  (examples: Steve Gladis leadership sessions, public speaking seminar, social media training, career development, etc.)
Please enter your FUN ideas - (Bowling, Scavenger Hunts, Escape Room, Dinners, etc.)
Enter your name.