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Joint Replacement Quiz - Inova Fair Oaks Hospital


Dear valued patient,

We are glad you have chosen Inova for your joint replacement surgery. After you have viewed the pre-op educational video, please complete the required brief quiz below. Your results will be sent directly to the Joint Replacement Nurse Navigator at the hospital where your surgery is scheduled. 

At which Inova hospital are you having your surgery?
I should shower with chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) before my surgery.
I will need my coach throughout the surgery process while at the hospital on the day of surgery and to assist with recovery in the days following. (A surgery coach can be A FAMILY MEMBER OR FRIEND)
After surgery, I will be asked to rate my pain using a 0-10 scale. (10 would indicate the highest level of pain.)
Before being discharged from the hospital, I will have instruction on safe mobility and exercises
I need to work with my surgeon for a post-op physical therapy plan.
I should stay active after surgery including ankle pumps and breathing exercises.
After my surgery, I should use my call bell or in-room phone to call my care team before getting up.
Does your surgery plan include an overnight stay?
Did your coach or support person watch the video with you?
Did the video help you to adequately prepare for your surgery?