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Donate to the Inova Advanced 3D Technology Laboratory


Inova Advanced 3D Technology Laboratory was established to create an environment where research, education and collaboration integrate to foster novel ideas in basic science that can translate to the clinical arena and ultimately impact patient care.

Many of our services, such as patient-specific surgical planning and 3D prototyping, are not reimbursable by Medicare, Medicaid and health insurance companies. And while we are grateful to those who help fund other research studies, we are continually looking for ways to further expand the reach of our beneficial research for the benefit of patients. Our research studies can be critical when dealing with complex cases.

We ask for your financial support to help us carry out our important research. Your gift will aid our team of physicians, researchers and students to make further strides forward. Together we can find solutions to improve the health and quality of life for children and adults faced with musculoskeletal diseases.

We thank you very much for your generous support.

Charitable donations can be made online through Inova Health Foundation’s secure donation site. (Please make sure to designate your gift to Fund 301, Special Designation: Biomechanics Research.)

You may also contact:
Dayna Kuhar
Inova Health Foundation