Individualized, High Tech, Epilepsy Diagnostics of Seizure Activity

Epilepsy, seizures and seizure-like disorders can be challenging to diagnose and then treat. Each person experiences seizures differently and has different seizure patterns and occurrences. At the Inova Epilepsy Center we offer the latest in technologies, diagnostics and treatment including also specialized inpatient bedrooms where we monitor brain seizure activity. We call the dedicated patient rooms where we monitor the seizure activity the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit. Once we have recorded brain seizures we can can map them. In turn, our doctors review the results which assists them to be able to provide the best treatment options for an individual's situation and that may include medication diets or surgical procedures.

About the Inova Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Inova Fairfax Hospital

The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Inova Fairfax Hospital allows for around-the-clock monitoring of patients with epilepsy. As a patient in the unit, you will be closely observed by hospital staff throughout the day and night.

The Epilepsy Monitoring Unit is staffed with medical, nursing, and technical personnel who are specially trained to monitor patients for 24 hours a day. The unit features computer-based monitoring equipment that is specifically designed to evaluate seizure disorders such as epilepsy.

Our epilepsy monitoring program coordinator will contact you prior to admission to provide instructions for your admission; including the date and time you should arrive. You also will receive a phone call the morning of your admission to confirm your arrival time. It is important that you arrive on schedule so that your monitoring can be initiated promptly.

Checklist for Your Visit to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

  • Comfortable clothes and clothes that fasten in the front. Otherwise you may choose to wear a hospital gown.
  • All the medications you take (anti-seizure and non-seizure) to the hospital
  • Books, magazines, puzzles, games, DVD movies and craft/hobby projects to help pass the time
  • Personal care items such as soap, toothpaste and other toiletries
  • Any prescribed CPAP or bi-level PAP machine for sleep

View an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit Patient Bedroom

Click below to take a virtual tour of a room in the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at Inova Fairfax Medical Campus