Why Choose Inova Medical Weight Loss Program?

Inova Medical Weight Loss Program offers excellent value for your money and gives you access to board-certified physicians and specially trained, master's-degree prepared dietitians, exercise specialists, nurse specialists and counselors. Our comprehensive approach gives you the tools to help you succeed in reaching your weight loss goals.

The benefits of weight loss are numerous and well documented. Learn more 

How Do I Get Started?

To begin the program, you will receive information on required documentation, including a clearance from your primary care provider. Lab tests and an EKG are also required. If you do not have a primary care physician, we can assist you with finding one. Once your documentation is received and reviewed by our medical team, you will be contacted with the next steps.

If you are ready to begin your weight loss program, complete our registration process and start your journey. Contact us at 703-844-4572 if you have any questions.

How Much Does the Program Cost, and What Does the Price Include?

The program cost starts at $700* and includes all the education, tools, tips and motivation you need to begin losing weight and meet your weight loss goals. A full body composition analysis will be done to assess your current health and nutritional status. You will attend 12 weekly educational and exercise classes that include a weekly check-in, a "Tools for Success" lecture by a weight loss specialist, and an exercise session led by an exercise physiologist or personal trainer.

Participants also receive two private sessions with a dietitian, a personal fitness assessment with the exercise specialist, and educational materials which you will be given over the course of the program. Other materials received include a pedometer and exercise bands. Register here 

Pricing information current as of 3/17/2022 and subject to change.

What Is Covered During the Weekly Class?

Each class includes a 30-minute "Tools for Success" lecture by a weight loss expert. Come ready to exercise because you will have fun exercising in a group class under the guidance of an exercise physiologist or personal trainer who will show you how to start burning those calories!

These weekly classes are offered in-person and virtually.

Will My Primary Care Physician Be Kept Informed?

If you provide your physician information, we are happy to keep him or her informed of your progress.

How Is My Insurance Company Involved?

Medical supervision by our team of medical professionals is an important part of your program. The required physical, blood work and EKG will be performed by your own primary care physician and will be billed to your insurance. Your insurance may also cover additional appointments for nutritional counseling beyond the two appointments included in the program.

Is There a Guarantee?

The Medical Weight Loss Program team will do everything it can to help you reach your goal, but there is no guarantee. After 12 weeks, you can choose to re-enroll in the program or you can schedule additional consultations with the dietitian, exercise specialists or counselor.

What Happens If I Miss a Week Due to Illness, Etc?

We hope your weekly class becomes a priority in your schedule. But if you do miss a class, you may contact us at 703-348-4716 so we can provide you the handouts and worksheet for that week.