Inova Leukemia Lymphoma Myeloma badgeThe Inova Hematology Program at the Inova Schar Cancer Institute specializes in diagnosing and treating blood cancers and non-cancerous blood disorders. Our specialized, board-certified experts can diagnose and treat malignant hematology, benign hematology and sickle cell disease through chemotherapy and immunotherapy. This care team will work together to create treatment to include using the latest innovative technology supported by scientific research.

Blood Disorders

Sickle Cell

Blood Cancer

Survivorship and Support

Inova's Life with Cancer program helps you meet the challenges of living with cancer by providing you and your loved ones with education, information and support, free of charge, no matter where you live or receive treatment.

Explore the many ways that Life with Cancer can make your day-to-day life easier and help you connect with a community of people who face many of the same challenges you do.

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  • Acute lymphocytic leukemia
  • Acute myelogenous leukemia
  • Amyloidosis
  • Anemia
  • Antiphospholipid syndrome
  • Aplastic anemia
  • Autoimmune hemolytic anemias
  • Autoimmune thrombocytopenia
  • Benign hematologic conditions
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Castleman disease
  • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • Chronic myelogenous leukemia
  • Chronic myelomonocytic leukemia
  • Cryoglobulinemia
  • Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
  • Essential thrombocythemia
  • Fanconi anemia
  • Hairy cell leukemia
  • Hemoglobinopathies
  • Hemophilia
  • Hereditary hemolytic anemias
  • Hodgkin's lymphoma (Hodgkin's disease)
  • Hypereosinophilic syndrome
  • Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP)
  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Large granular lymphocyte disorders
  • Leukemia
  • Lymphoma
  • Macroglobulinemia
  • Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS)
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Myelodysplastic syndromes
  • Myelofibrosis
  • Myeloproliferative disorders
  • Natural killer cell leukemia
  • Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
  • Osteosclerotic myeloma
  • Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
  • POEMS syndrome
  • Polycythemia vera
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Systemic mastocytosis
  • Thalassemia
  • Thrombocytosis
  • Vitamin deficiency anemia
  • Von Willebrand disease
  • Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia
  • White blood cell disorders

Clinical Trials

In addition to providing the latest in innovative care, our specialized team participates in global, national and Inova-initiated clinical trials. We work closely with the Inova Office of Research. Our physicians have recently published research findings in several medical journals.

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