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Inova Teledermatology Program


When a patient at Inova Fairfax Hospital has dermatologic concerns during a hospital stay for another condition, Inova Teledermatology Program can provide a private and secure real-time video assessment and consult with a community dermatologist.

This real-time collaboration or store-and-forward capability makes it possible for a hospitalist at Inova Fairfax Hospital to remotely connect with community dermatologists. The outcome is quick, efficient access to a dermatologist and proper treatment protocols to help improve patient care.

The dermatology team is led by the Department of Medicine and staffed by hospitalists.

How the Program Works

When a patient presents with dermatologic symptoms:

  • The hospitalist or emergency medicine physician reviews the patient's status and determines the need for evaluation
  • The dermatoscope (or other technology) is taken to the patient's bedside
  • The patient, EM physician and remote dermatologist begin a real-time consult. Alternatively, an examination camera captures images which are then forwarded to the dermatologist for review.
  • The clinical staff consults with the dermatologist to expeditiously determine treatment, admission or transfer decisions

Inova Teledermatology Benefits Patients

  • Patient has faster access to a dermatology specialist and decreased treatment turnaround
  • Often there is less need for follow-up

Benefits to Healthcare Providers

  • Convenient, real-time access to dermatologists
  • Store-and-forward access to consults