Inova's most fragile young patients have access to pediatric intensivists 24/7 via the Inova Telepediatrics program's real-time, two-way video consults.

Inova Telepediatrics Program provides collaboration between Inova emergency departments and the Inova Fairfax Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Emergency medicine clinicians remotely connect with pediatric intensivists for faster access and proper treatment protocols to help improve patient outcomes. Whether supporting local physicians and staff or facilitating transfers, our telemedicine capabilities equip all involved with better access to outstanding pediatric care.

The pediatric team is led by Chairman David Ascher, MD, MBA, and is staffed by pediatric specialists.

Inova also utilizes its secure HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing to host a weekly discussion of area specialists who convene to discuss complex pediatric cardiology concerns. Access to secure video allows physicians to share experiences, concerns and recommendations on scheduled procedures.

How the Program Works

When a pediatric patient presents to the ED with critical symptoms:

  • Emergency medicine physician reviews patient's status and determines need for evaluation
  • The mobile cart (or other technology) is moved to the patient's bedside
  • The patient, EM physician and remote pediatric specialist begin a real-time consult
  • The Emergency Department staff consult with specialist to expeditiously determine treatment, admission or transfer decisions

Telepediatrics Benefits the Child and Parent

  • Fast access to a pediatric and critical care specialist
  • Able to keep patient and parent together through remote interaction
  • Parental awareness and education
  • Less need for transfer to another hospital or, if required, a facilitated transfer for smoother transitions
  • Pre-surgery consultations if needed

Telepediatrics Benefits the Healthcare Provider

  • 24/7 real-time access to pediatric specialists
  • Emergency consultations
  • Decreased length of stay in the ED