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Inova Translational Medicine Institute

Looking for Answers to Tough Medical Questions That Affect the Health of You and Your Family.

What ITMI Offers Individuals, Physicians and Partners


Individuals are helping us make important medical discoveries. The information and samples you provide help us understand more about child development and chronic diseases. 
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Inova physicians are partners in our medical research. ITMI works with Inova physicians to enroll patients in groundbreaking studies and translate complicated genetic information for oncology patients and participants in our congenital disorders study.
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Genomic Researchers and Bioinformatics Experts

Genomic researchers and bioinformatics experts are welcomed collaborators to build and examine new genetic models and make new discoveries about how to personalize diagnosis and treatment of tough medical conditions.
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Research Studies

ITMI conducts studies related to child health and chronic diseases. Studies are designed to build genetic models that help answer questions about individual predispositions to a disease, treatment and ultimately prevention.

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Inova Genetic Counseling

Working with individuals and families to test for genetic conditions and diseases and manage risk factors and implications for family members. 

Inova Genetic Counseling


ITMI was founded on February 1, 2011, by Dr. John Niederhuber and Dr. Joe Vockley. Its team consists of 100 scientists, physicians, nurses, genetic counselors and laboratory technicians divided into three functional groups:

  • Clinical – the clinical staff includes physicians, nurses, research coordinators and support staff for participants in genomic research studies
  • Bioinformatics/IT – a variety of bioinformatics scientists and statisticians analyze genomic data and IT staff support the infrastructure necessary to evaluate data
  • Laboratory – Inova Laboratory for Genomic Medicine (ILGM) consists of scientists and technicians that process individual samples into DNA and RNA for data generation
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