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With the exception of Inova hospitals, Inova Emergency Care and Inova-GoHealth Urgent Care, all Inova outpatient offices will be closed for the Memorial Day holiday – Monday, May 27.

From Last Resort to Rediscovery

Elisa's StoryMy journey in choosing weight loss surgery was not an easy one. I was in complete denial that I even had a problem with weight or food. I knew I was overweight. I wasn’t proud of my 307 pounds . . . I just didn't see it or what it was doing to me.

In 2004, I had an OB/GYN suggest that weight loss surgery was an option I should consider in order to prevent the oncoming diabetes, my existing high cholesterol, and to add years to my life. There were other issues. I had undiagnosed sleep apnea and constant acid reflux. I left his office thinking who needs weight loss surgery? That's something people do as a last resort. I can take this weight off; I have complete control over what I put in my mouth and can lose this weight. I embarked on two years of heartache, which eventually lead me to seek help. I ended up having all of the above illnesses and some really bad dreams of what would be if I didn't stop soon.

I researched three different doctors in the greater DC and Northern Virginia area and learned about the different procedures, techniques and support groups. I knew embarking on this journey would be one that would require three things: a doctor skilled in the latest techniques and who had a passion for this field of expertise, and a well rounded system of patient support.

On September 11, 2006, I had laparoscopic roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. To date I've lost 144 pounds and have chosen life and living over an early death and an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Besides the obvious health improvements and resolution of all my co-morbidities, there are many wonderful things that have occurred in the past 17 months, too many to list. Among the best things are rediscovering, loving and appreciating who I am and what I can now do. You have to commit to this lifestyle change and make yourself a priority. It's difficult to see at first but the commitment to self is a gift you give yourself and others as you begin to trust and discover the beauty of yourself. My family has been the best support ever. In turn, I have given them a healthier and happier me.

Thank you to everyone involved in the bariatric community at Inova Fair Oaks. You contribute to my success.