What Is Signature Partners?

A pathway for physicians to transition successfully from fee-for-service to value and performance-based payments, Signature Partners is a physician-driven, select network of health care professionals and facilities. Signature Partners provides the infrastructure needed for physicians to deliver evidence-based care through clinical integration, and data sharing.

Signature Partners physicians provide the governance and oversight of the network, and care coordination focused on improving care delivery.

What Is clinical integration?

Clinical integration is a patient-centered approach to health management, coordination and education. It is best achieved by a select network of providers committed to driving quality and affordability through innovation and communication through:

  • Communication between primary care and specialist physicians regarding patients in their care
  • Electronic Health Record interface capabilities across multiple EHR systems
  • Monitoring and coordinating the range of services patients need
  • An infrastructure that allows for performance measurement and improvement, and transparency in performance and outcomes reporting
  • The evaluation and resulting modification of practice patterns based on shared information and evidence-based clinical guidelines
  • Care management and coordination to navigate transitions of care and to optimize individual outcomes

What are the advantages of joining Signature Partners?

Membership in a network that is attractive to local employers and their employees. The infrastructure physicians in private practice need to achieve true clinical integration, but previously, could only have by joining a health system. This infrastructure allows for:

  • Detailed information on your patient population
  • Access to patient information across practices
  • Shared electronic medical record or interface capability
  • Connectivity to colleagues sharing common goals and incentives
  • Expertise in contracting the changes in reimbursement methodologies
  • Enhanced support for Population Health management
  • Participation in a physician-led network
  • A pathway to Performance-based financial rewards, reflecting the insurance industry’s transition to rewarding physicians for quality outcomes and efficiency instead of paying fee-for-service
  • The ability to maintain private practice while working in a collaborative environment with community providers

How Is Signature Partners physician driven?

Physicians drive the design, implementation and success of the Signature Partners network through:

  • Setting clinical quality metrics and performance standards
  • Governance and strategic oversight
  • Physician-managed peer performance
  • Team-based approach and seamless communication

How are physician quality and performance metrics established?

Signature Partners physicians collaborate within their specialties to identify and adopt specific clinical performance measures and best practices guidelines.

Physicians participate in ongoing evaluations of practice patterns to control costs and ensure quality.

Physicians have access to industry-recognized best practices and performance measures.

What are the objectives of a clinically integrated network?

The objectives of a clinically integrated network are:

  • Improved community health and wellness
  • Enhanced patient care experience
  • Affordable medical care