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Signature Partners - Information for Providers


Access for Community Physicians

Existing Signature Partner Providers

The Signature Partners Difference

In our network, quality takes on new meaning. What makes us different?

  • Physician-driven: Providers are in control of establishing best practices for patient care and defining high quality health care.
  • Clinical integration: A framework for providers in our network to improve coordination of care and produce efficiencies in the process.
  • Evidence-based care: Treatment plans based on evidenced-based criteria to ensure patients are provided with better outcomes and cost effective care.
  • Value-based incentives: Pay-for-performance incentives that reward providers who work collaboratively to lower costs while maintaining high quality service.
  • Technology: Information technology solutions that aggregate data from hospital Electronic Health Records (EHR), physician EHRs and payors to identify gaps in patient care and measure network quality and efficiency.

Benefits of Joining Signature Partners

Doctors join our network to help shape the future of healthcare and benefit from the following advantages:

  • Doctor-led and governed—you set clinical quality metrics and performance standards
  • Team-based approach for seamless communication
  • Detailed information on your patient population
  • Shared electronic health records and access to patient information across practices
  • Participation in a network that is attractive to local employers and their employees
  • Performance-based financial rewards

Provider Requirements

Participating providers must:

  • Execute a Signature Partners’ Participating Provider Service Agreement
  • Demonstrate Electronic Health Record capabilities
  • Follow evidence-based care guidelines
  • Provide high-quality, affordable patient-centered care
  • Work within a shared, strategic environment to transform local healthcare delivery
  • Encourage team ownership of patient-focused care
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Signature Partners Urgent Care/Walk-In Clinics

Did you know that Signature Partners has several after-hours Urgent Care/Walk-In Clinics as part of its network? When your office is closed, your patients can visit a clinic close to their home or work for treatment of non-emergent medical problems. See the Urgent Care Flyer for more details about the Urgent Care locations and hours.

Clinical Guidelines

Download the most recent clinical guidelines:

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