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8110 Gatehouse Road, Falls Church, VA 22042

Inova Fairfax Medical Campus: Our Pharmacy Residents for 2020 - 2021


PGY1 Pharmacy Residents

Erin Catchings

Erin Catchings, PharmD

Pharmacy School: University of South Carolina

Practice Area Interests: Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Solid Organ Transplant

Reason for coming to Inova Fairfax Medical Campus: I chose Inova Fairfax Medical Campus because of the wide variety of rotation opportunities and the diverse patient population. I knew this program would prepare me to be a well-rounded clinician and provide great experiences in my areas of interest. The opportunities for teaching and precepting in addition to participating in meaningful research projects will help me to grow into the pharmacist that I want to become.

Annie Jeon

Annie Jeon, PharmD

Pharmacy School: VCU

Practice Area Interests: Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine

Reason for coming to Inova Fairfax Medical Campus: What attracted me the most to Inova Fairfax Medical Campus was the availability of highly trained preceptors and the wide range of opportunities for learning. Through my rotations as a pharmacy student, I had the advantage of previewing life as a resident at IFMC, and I was surprised at the level of passion for teaching that the preceptors had for their residents. Being a 923-bed medical center that serves as a Level 1 trauma center and housing the Inova Heart & Vascular Institute, Children's Hospital, and Women's Hospital, I knew that I would have exposure to a variety of different specialties. Affiliations with surrounding schools of pharmacy would also allow me to pursue teaching experience as well. As a current resident, I know that I made the right choice because I am finding the program tailoring itself around my needs and interests, and guiding me towards my future goals as a more competent practitioner.

Kendra Jones

Kendra Jones, PharmD

Pharmacy School: University of Kentucky

Practice Area Interests: Oncology, Internal Medicine, Ambulatory Care

Reason for coming to Inova Fairfax Medical Campus: I chose Inova Fairfax Medical Campus because of the opportunity to learn at an institution that cares for a diverse and highly acute patient population. The rotations offered allow me to explore my areas of interests while facilitating the development of a knowledgeable, confident pharmacist. I was also drawn to this program because of the supportive and experienced preceptors, opportunities for teaching and precepting, and unique aspects such as the clinical on-call program.

Carley Strzalka

Carley Strzalka, PharmD

Pharmacy School: Ohio Northern University

Practice Area Interests: Emergency Medicine, Critical Care

Reason for coming to Inova Fairfax Medical Campus: Inova Fairfax Medical Campus initially sparked my interest with its wide variety of medical services offered. Being large community hospital that also provides teaching services was an environment I felt that I could truly succeed in. As a Level 1 trauma center, I also knew that I would be able to gain experience working with a lot of diverse and high acuity patients. Overall, I felt Inova Fairfax would allow me to set myself up well to achieve both my short and long term professional goals.

PGY2 Critical Care Pharmacy Resident

Lauren Albertina

Lauren Albertina, PharmD

Pharmacy School: St. Louis College of Pharmacy

PGY1 Pharmacy Residency: Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center

Reason for coming to Inova Fairfax Medical Campus: I was initially drawn to Inova Fairfax Medical Campus for its wide variety of critical care experiences and teaching opportunities amidst a diverse patient population. My desire to train here was solidified after meeting the critical care clinical specialists, as they uphold a commitment to teaching and a devotion to their resident’s experience. Inova itself finely balances the rigor of a university hospital while also maintaining a family-oriented environment among peers, colleagues, and interdisciplinary teams. It remains one of my career goals to be as impactful as the pharmacists that I have had the opportunity to learn from. After training at Inova, I am certain I will be provided the requisite mentorship and experiences to achieve this goal.

PGY2 Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Resident

Alicia Senart

Alicia Senart, PharmD

Pharmacy School: University of Toledo

PGY1 Pharmacy Residency: Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital

Reason for coming to Inova Fairfax Medical Campus: I chose Inova because of the diverse and challenging patient populations I will have the opportunity to experience. Training in a level I trauma center that serves both adult and pediatric patients, as well as our toxicology rotation at the National Capital Poison Center will allow me to develop the skills I need to become a well-rounded emergency medicine clinical pharmacy specialist. The preceptors and pharmacy staff are highly trained and invested in teaching, which also creates a great environment for learners of all levels.