Alerting Inova team members in a timely and accurate manner is an essential part of Inova's issue and emergency response protocol. To achieve that, Inova's Emergency Management department manages a notification system called Inova Alerts (launched system-wide in August 2019) to provide our teams across the system with emergency information faster and more accurately.

How Does Inova Alerts Work?

  • All team members with an Inova email address are automatically enrolled to receive an email to your Inova email address.
  • We recommend you update your profile to include a phone number to receive voice and/or text alerts as well as to opt in to get location specific alerts, e.g., hospital, facility, etc.
  • Through this system, each team member can tailor the mode of notification to include all three forms: email, text and phone calls.
  • You may add up to three email addresses and three phone numbers to receive text or voice-only alerts.
  • If you choose to not receive any notifications, you will need to go in to the system and opt out.
  • Updated instructions for customizing your profile settings are available on the Inova Alerts page on InovaConnect.
  • A list of designated emergency managers is also available on InovaConnect.

Note: Even if you previously were enrolled in the Inova Text Alert system, you still must log in to this new system to review your profile settings and customize them.

Ensuring that all team members can be notified in emergency situations that may affect them or their patients is an essential part of being a world-class healthcare system.