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Patient Education for Joint Replacement


Prepare for your joint replacement surgery at Inova Joint Replacement Center with these convenient online tools.

Patient Guide

Coach Guide

A Good Coach Makes the Difference

A coach can be any family member or friend who commits to providing support to a patient as they go through the joint replacement surgical process.

Required Coach Participation

We highly recommend that a coach be present at the following “checkpoints.” If the same coach cannot be present at all, you may elect an alternate coach to stand in.

  • Pre-operative clinic
  • Online video and quiz
  • Day of surgery
  • Physical therapy session(s) observation

PRE-OP VIDEO: Review infection prevention guidelines; night before surgery tips on showering, eating, and medications; and what to do on the day of your surgery.

ALL ABOUT JOINT REPLACEMENT: This 10-minute video goes over everything you can expect before, during and after your joint replacement procedure at Inova.