We can provide better healthcare when you and your family work together as partners with our staff. It is our responsibility to advise you of your rights as a patient. You also have responsibilities in your treatment and care. We urge you to ask questions, be proactive and take an active part in your healthcare plan. If you have questions or concerns, please discuss these with any staff member or contact the surgery center’s Administrator.

Making Healthcare Decisions – Advance Directives

None of us likes to think about how we would want healthcare delivered to us if we became critically ill or unable to communicate. But it is important to make these essential and very personal decisions – known as advance directives – before needing them.

Medical Release Form

This Medical Records Release Authorization Form is required for use or disclosure of protected health information. 

Download the form 

Medical History

To prepare for your surgery or procedure, we ask that you complete your medical history online. You will use our totally secure One Medical Passport tool.

We recommend you do this as soon as your surgery is scheduled. Once completed, our pre-surgical nurse will review your medical history with you during your scheduled interview.

Important Details to Know

  • Completing your online medical history is easy and usually takes less than 30 minutes
  • All your information remains completely confidential and is only accessible by our medical team
  • You may at any time stop filling out the questionnaire and return to it at a more convenient time
  • You may print out a copy of your medical history for your records after creating it
  • You may access your online information at any time to review or update the information
  • One Medical Passport now offers text messaging alerts. You may opt out of this service at any time.

Complete your online medical history form