Joints in Motion

Inova Fair Oaks Hospital offers free pre-op classes (in-person or online) for our joint replacement patients.

Patients will learn important information about:

  • The role of your personal support person / coach
  • Preparation instructions for bathing, food and drink, medications, clothing and more
  • What do expect after your surgery
  • Recovery and physical therapy

Option A: In-person Classes

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all in-person classes have been cancelled for the foreseeable future. Contact the Orthopedic Navigator, Romina Black BSN, RN, with any questions about your surgery at 703-391-4555 or Romina is available for personalized education during your appointment at the Pre-Procedural Evaluation Clinic.

Option B: Learn At Home with Videos and Quiz

If you're not able to attend the class in person, we encourage you to watch our three videos (links below) with your support person or coach to learn more about how to prepare for your surgery.

Please make sure to take the required quiz afterward (link below) to test your knowledge of pre-op and important safety procedures.

For Reference: Joint Replacement Patient Guide